Sibel is a renowned brand in the hairdressing and beauty industry, known for its wide range of quality products and commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Since its inception, Sibel has established itself as a market leader, offering diverse solutions that meet the varied needs of hair and beauty professionals.

Sibel's catalog includes a multitude of products, ranging from classic hairdressing accessories like brushes, combs, and scissors, to more specialized equipment such as dryers, straighteners, and hair treatment devices. The brand also stands out for its extensive range of salon furniture and equipment, ensuring comfort and efficiency for both professionals and their clients.

Innovation is at the heart of Sibel's strategy. The brand constantly invests in research and development to offer cutting-edge products, combining functionality and modern design. This approach allows Sibel to stay at the forefront of market trends while ensuring high-quality products.

Sibel is also committed to an eco-responsible approach, adopting sustainable practices and considering the environmental impact of its products and production processes. This ecological awareness reflects its commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

In summary, Sibel symbolizes excellence, innovation, and responsibility, offering products and solutions that enrich the world of hairdressing and beauty.

Gant Silicone Spécial Lissage et Coloration
Silicone Gloves, gant en silicone spécial lissage et coloration. 
sont des Gants en silicone avec picots réutilisables conçus pour appliquer les traitements capillaires :  lissage, coloration, masque...  Les petits picots sur les doigts et la paume permettent une application aisée et une répartition idéale des produits sur l'ensemble de la chevelure.
Prothermic Glove Hair straightening Thermo Protector EM2H
ProThermic Glove by EM2H is a thermal protection glove, ideal accessory to protect your fingers from heat during hair straightening. it protects the fingers from the heat provided at high temperature by the straightener. It is equipped with 3 protective fingers and a scratch closure. ProThermic Glove by EM2H is designed to bring you safety, flexibility and comfort.
Ultron Heating Brush 19mm
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Heating brush. The ideal tool to reshape your hairstyle !Release button to facilitate unwinding of hair.2 heat modes (1-2).Hairdressing fixing function.Rotating cord.
Afro comb hair dryer Diffuser. Universal fixing
Model fits almost all professional hair dryers.Spring fixingAlso grips on tapered models with rubber brakes.The maximum diameter of your hair dryer should be 50mm
Supplied with additional tip with a diameter of 47 mm

Dryer Bonnet
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E-Z Dryer Bonnet allows you to dry your hair as if you were under a hairdresser's helmet, simply by attaching the bonnet to the hair dryer.
Centaure - Super Detangling Brush
The Centaur Super Detangling Brush detangles your most difficult hair without tearing it, facilitates your brushing while protecting the ends and reducing the unpleasant effects of static electricity.  Also reduces fall and breakage.

SIBEL - Baby Hair special Comb
Special baby hair comb : straighten, comb and style your baby hair.  The special baby Hair comb with three different heads helps you style your unruly little hair the way you want and with ease.
Peigne Anti-Poux décrassoir celluloid Sibel
Peigne Anti-Poux
Peigne à Poux Sibel enfant avec une denture fine et extra fine. Il permet ainsi d'enlever efficacement les lentes et les poux de tous types de cheveux, même les plus fins. 
Vous pourrez ainsi calmer les démangeaisons du cuir chevelu.
Un incontournable en cas d'invasion massive de parasites
Peigne Fourchette de coiffage
Les peignes fourchettes ont 2 fonctions : une fonction de coiffage, et une de démêlage.  On les utilise pour dynamiser une mise en pli en touche finale ou pour tranformer des boucles en waves.  Vraiment idéal pour les chevelures bouclées !
Peigne chauffant à défriser ou à crêper
Le peigne à défriser ou à crêper est un peigne de coiffage en céramique chauffant.  Il permet de lisser les cheveux, d'assouplir les racines de lisser les cheveux courts au plus près de la racine sans se brûler et apporter du mouvement, de rafraîchir les bordures d’un brushing, de décoller les racines pour apporter du volume.  100% céramique plaqué, réglage électronique de 120 à 220° 
Sibel Spray Ball
Sibel Vaporisateur Ball 
fait pour humidifier les cheveux sec special pour coiffage 
Satin Night Cap - Stay On Satin 7722
The satin night cap
Is specially designed to optimize the application of your hair care products by improving their effectiveness for better results.  It helps prevent hair loss and keep your hairstyle as good as possible, improving the health of your hair.
Tips ?
Apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Sunny Isle), or a few drops of Argan oil to the scalp, and massage gently.  Cover all night with the cap.  Rinse out first thing in the morning or style as usual.
Night Cap - Tie Up Wrap 774
Satin Night cap specially designed to allow you to optimize the application of your hair care products by improving their effectiveness for better results.  It allows you to prevent hair loss and keep your hairstyle as best as possible, improving the health of your hair.
Techni Cap Bonnet à Permanente Auto-Chauffant à Elastique Sibel
Techni Cap Self-Heating Elastic Permanent Cap.
When you have dry hair, you subscribe to regular hair care! Whether in the form of masks or oil baths, it is then necessary to use a self-heating cap to allow the product to penetrate well into the fiber.
The principle of the Sibel self-heating cap :
Made from a thermal material, the heat produced by the head remains trapped in the Sibel hat.
Houppettes velours 60mm 2pcs Sibel
Houppettes velours 60mm 2pcs
Les éponges pour maquillage sont indispensables pour appliquer un maquillage facilement et uniformément.  Utilisez du latex pour obtenir un résultat lisse et sans défaut pour un maquillage fluide. Les houppettes sont utilisées pour appliquer de la poudre libre ou compacte et moins faire briller la peau.