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Reference: OPA2


Opalya - Gel Douche Eclaircissant Gommant 2 en 1 Amande

Opalya Lightening Exfoliating Shower Gel 2 in 1 Almond Opalya lightening exfoliating shower gel, combined with the other products in the range, ensures a total well-being thanks to the exfoliating effects of the Apricot kernel. Its lightening power, produced by the different active ingredients used in its formula, will unify your complexion before...

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Reference: LYS1

Brand: Lyscia

Lyscia DNA System 32oz kit

Lyscia DNA System is a Brazilian smoothing care with Tannin and vegetal DNA.  It concentrates the largest number of actives to smooth up to 100% (even frizzy hair), repair, intensely nourish the hair, from root to tip.  Its exceptional formula based on DNA, Seriliss, fortifying ceramides and precious oils revitalises, strengthens, smooths and softens the...

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Reference: YAR01

Brand: Yari

Huile de Noix de Coco 100% pure Yari

Huile de noix de Coco pure à 100% Yari Riche en anti-oxydants et extrêmement nourrissante, l'huile de noix de coco renforce et restructure la fibre capillaire en profondeur. Dès la première application, vous constaterez une texture capillaire plus souple, des cheveux plus faciles à démêler et parfaitement gainés. Cette huile de noix de coco nourrit et...

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Reference: CIVIC101

Brand: Civic

Civic Cream

Civic Cream helps correct the clear skin of all its imperfections. It is a cream designed to help black skin, mixed and matte to unify, lighten their complexion. Removes dark spots and skin imperfections, unifies the complexion. Civic Cream is also suitable for acne skin, redness, scars, and pregnancy spots. Use daily as needed.

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Reference: KC102

Brand: Kinky Curly

Knot Today Kinky-Curly

Kinky-Curly Knot Today Is a leave-in conditioner and detangler designed to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, snarls and tangles from wavy, curly and kinky-textured hair. Can be used as a regular rinse out conditioner for wavy hair or as a leave-in for thicker curlier hair types. An excellent product to use after removing braids and extensions.

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Reference: HTW101

Brand: Hair therapy wrap

Hair Therapy Wrap color with

Hair Therapy Wrap The Hair Therapy Wrap applies gentle heat for up to 30 minutes, encouraging conditioner to penetrate the hair follicles. It works very well with Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment ! You can use the Hair Therapy Wrap while bathing, relaxing, or around the house! Color may vary.

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Reference: SKI101

Skin Light Lotion anti spot 125ml

Skin Light Lotion is an anti-spot lightening cleanser that has been developed to unify, treat dark spots and soften the skin.  Used daily in the morning and evening, the Skin Light lotion provides a uniform complexion and helps eliminate ugly black spots and pimples. Restores radiance and unifies the complexion.

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Reference: RIO2

Brand: Rio Keratin

Rio Keratin - 500ml Brazilian Keratin Treatment kit

Rio Keratin 500ml Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a brazilian straightening care for all types of damaged hair. Thermo-active and restructurizing treatment for kinky, frizzed, curly hair, it strengthens the fiber from inside, gives it flexibility, supple, movement and shine. Thanks to the Keratin and the Argan oil, Rio Keratin allows to coat, to give...

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Reference: ECO2

Brand: Eco styler

Eco Styler Argan

Pure Argan oil styling gel Eco Styler Eco Style Moroccan Argan Oil styling gel is formulated with rare oils from the Argan tree in Morocco. Our Morrocan Argan hair oil formula conditions to tame frizzy hair, while adding brilliant shine and UV protection. Like all of ours styling gels, it is weightless and provides a superior hold !

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Reference: KERAP

Brand: Keraplex

Protection Hair Care before/after Chemical Treatments Keraplex

Keraplex Your hair suffered from colours, discolourations, bleachings or successive relaxings or too agressive straightenings ? Keraplex will restore them, and protect against breakage, dryness and porousity. Add from now on Keraplex to your preparation and you'll offer your hair : repair, strength, detangling, elasticity, hydratation, flexibility and...

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Reference: KEEMEE101

Brand: Kee Mee

Kee Mee - Korean Straightening kit 500ml - EM²H

Kee Mee Korean Straightening EM2H Kee Mee Korean Straightening combines the results of a Japanese Straightening (straight hair up to 6-8 months) and those of a Brazilian Keratin treatment (total repair of the hair) ! It can be used on every type of hair, coloured, bleached even damaged, discoloured. Kee Mee provides you straightness, supple and doesn't...

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Reference: KERAST3

Brand: Kérastase

Masque Thérapiste Kérastase Résistance

Kérastase Resistance Masque Therapiste This Thérapiste Mask is designed for very-damaged and over-processed hair, in need of strength and repair.  Its unique buttery texture penetrates to the core of the hair to rebuild the hair's structure, repairing it and helping the fiber to regain strength and elasticity.

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Reference: BAB2072EPE

Brand: Babyliss

Straighten and Curls Iron Babyliss Pro

Babyliss Pro Straighten & Curls is the EP Technology 5.0 Straightening and Closing Iron that offers tougher, tougher 3x plates. He works the hair without damaging it. The rounded plates avoid the addicts and the breakage of the hair. Guarantees a perfect smoothing and long lasting. This Straightener Sleek Expert EP Technology allows even more power,...

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Reference: BOOST1

Brand: Boost k-hair

BOOST K-Hair - Clarifying Shampoo 1000ml

BOOST K-Hair Clarifying Shampoo is a clarifying shampoo to remove all residues present on the surface of the hair (styling products, pollution...). It removes all impurities and sebum excess from the hair and the scalp. Provides an extreme freshness sensation and prepares the hair to receive BOOST K-Hair smoothing treatment, the second phase.

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Reference: LOR24

Brand: L'oréal

L'Oréal Mythic Oil Shampoo

L'Oréal Mythic Oil Shampoo Inspired by the tradition of Indian oil bathing, this is the hairdresser’s secret for nourished hair with discipline and shine. Infused with fairly traded Argan oil and Myrrh extract, this Oil Shampoo’s luscious foam gently cleanses and helps tame unruly and thick hair. It provides nourishment and shine, leaving hair with a...

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Reference: ALIK01

Brand: Alikay

Alikay Naturals - Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo

Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo, Our award-winning Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo removes product buildup without stripping hair of vital moisture. This 100% natural and organic clarifying shampoo is made from raw Black Soap which heals damaged hair from deep within the follicles.

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Reference: AMB5

Brand: Ambi

Ambi Skin Care - Black Soap with Shea Butter

Ambi Black Soap with Shea Butter This unique facial bar gently cleanses and moisturizes skin. Facial bar appears black, but rinses clear as it moisturizes and effectively washes away surface impurities. Enriched with Shea butter, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E, it leaves skin naturally nourished, soft, and smooth.

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Reference: Dudu1

Dudu-Osun - Black Soap

100% natural soft black soap for face and body. Dudu Osun Black Soap deeply cleanses, intensely moisturizes, reduces hyperpigmentation effectively, fights acne while illuminating and smoothing the skin texture without drying it. With natural ingredients such as shea butter, honey and lemon, Dudu Osun Black Soap helps stimulate cell renewal to provide...

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Reference: EGYP02

Brand: Egyptian Magic

Egyptian Magic - All Purpose Skin Cream | 118ml

Multi-use cream, it helps fight against eczema and psoriasis, moisturizes and nourishes dry skin. Egyptian Magic Cream helps prevent stretch marks, wrinkles and reduces the appearance of scars. Formulated with a unique blend of 100% natural ingredients, including Propolis, Honey and Royal Jelly, it can be used as a cleanser, eye makeup remover, lip...

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Reference: BOUNCE01

Brand: Bounce curl

Bounce Curl - Pure Silk Moisturizing Shampoo

Moisturizing shampoo, Bounce Curl Pure Silk Shampoo gently cleanses without drying the scalp, deeply moisturizes, facilitates detangling and eliminates frizz while providing fortification, shine and exceptional flexibility to the hair. Formulated with safflower oil, biotin and black cumin oil, the Bounce Curl moisturizing shampoo provides nutrition,...

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Reference: AGA01

Brand: Agadir

Agadir - Daily Moisturizing Shampoo

This moisturizing shampoo gently removes excess oil, dirt and impurities from hair and scalp, while adding shine without weighing it down. Specially formulated with biotin and keratin to penetrate deep into the hair shaft to lock in moisture levels, Agadir Daily Moisturizing shampoo coats, reduces frizz and stimulates growth. Sulfate-free, paraben-free...

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Reference: EASY01

Brand: Easy Pouss

Easy Pouss - Shampoing Vitaminé

Anti-hair loss shampoo for weakened hair, it gently cleanses, boosts growth and protects the hair fibre. Enriched with natural Keratin, Ricin oil and Holly root, Easy Pouss Vitamin Shampoo strengthens the hair fibre, limits breakage and helps hair growth. Suitable for all hair types. Combined with a scalp massage with Easy Pouss growth elixir, this...

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Reference: CANTU1

Brand: Cantu

Cantu - Flaxseed Smoothing Shampoo

Smoothing shampoo, it deeply cleanses, smooths and provides manageability. Thanks to its formula enriched with Flaxseed and Panthenol, Cantu Flaxseed Smoothing Shampoo helps reduce breakage, repairs damaged curls and minimizes frizz. Cantu Smoothing Shampoo eliminates unsightly product build-up without weighing it down, smoothes and tames unruly hair...

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Reference: CREM7

Brand: Creme of nature

Creme of Nature - Clay and Charcoal Moisture Replenish Shampoo

Clay and Charcoal Shampoo, sulfate and mineral oil free to deeply cleanse and detoxify scalp and hair. Formulated with a blend of Clay, Moroccan Rhassoul and Charcoal, with natural emollient, absorbent and softening properties, Creme of Nature Clay and Charcoal Moisture Resplenish Shampoo deeply conditions, regenerates hair and adds shine and...

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Reference: NUBI01

Brand: Nubiance

Nubiance Paris - Exfoclear - Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub

Exfoliating gel for face and body, Exfoclear hydrates, deeply purifies, smooths, evens out the complexion, eliminates impurities, dead cells and excess sebum without drying out the skin. Thanks to its soap-free formula, enriched with fruit acids, Blueberry, Sugar cane, Orange and Lemon extracts and also Apricot kernel powder, Nubiance Exfoclear...

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