Ambi Even Clear Fade Cream All Skin
Unifying anti-dark spot cream for all skin types.  Its advanced formula combines brightening and hydrating ingredients to reduce the appearance of dark spots and imperfections.  Enriched with Gluconolactone and Niacinamide, Ambi Fade Cream removes dead skin cells, smoothes texture, reduces fine lines, evens skin tone, improves skin texture and works gradually to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.  Regular use of Ambi Fade Cream helps diminish the appearance of scars, acne spots, age spots, and spots caused by sun exposure. Ambi Fade Cream is hydroquinone free.
Benefits :
Reduces stains
evens out the complexion
moisturizes the skin
lightens the skin
Opalya - Gel Douche Eclaircissant Gommant 2 en 1 Amande
Opalya Lightening Exfoliating Shower Gel 2 in 1  Almond
Opalya lightening exfoliating shower gel, combined with the other products in the range, ensures a total well-being thanks to the exfoliating effects of the Apricot kernel.  Its lightening power, produced by the different active ingredients used in its formula, will unify your complexion before using Opalya lightening milk.
Huile de Jojoba 100% naturelle Yari 110ml
Huile de Jojoba 100% naturelle - Yari - 110mlL'huile de Jojoba est riche en protéines, elle est conseillée pour la peau sensible, sèche ou à tendance acnéique.  L'huile de Jojoba assouplit les cheveux et régule l'excès de sébum du cuir chevelu.
Civic Cream
Civic Cream helps correct the clear skin of all its imperfections.It is a cream designed to help black skin, mixed and matte to unify, lighten their complexion.  Removes dark spots and skin imperfections, unifies the complexion.  Civic Cream is also suitable for acne skin, redness, scars, and pregnancy spots.  Use daily as needed.
UNT Iconic Bright Cushion Nude Perfection Compact Foundation C05 FAIR
UNT Iconic Bright Cushion Nude Perfection Compact Foundation C05 FAIR

Powder Foundation SPF 48 ★ ★ ★ ★ Sweat-proof and oil-absorbing formulation Mica mineral powder covers pores perfectly All day oil-control with UV protection Hydration helix for all-day wear Chamomilla flower extract calms and soothes skin
Eco Style Jamaïcan Black Castor Styling gel
Eco Style Black Castor 
Eco Style Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil styling gel helps to nourish, repair and grow hair.  Wheat protein strengthens and protects hair. Like all of our styling gels, it is weightless and will leave our hair with a healthy shine and superior hold.
Knot Today Kinky-Curly
Kinky-Curly Knot Today 
Is a leave-in conditioner and detangler designed to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, snarls and tangles from wavy, curly and kinky-textured hair.  Can be used as a regular rinse out conditioner for wavy hair or as a leave-in for thicker curlier hair types.  An excellent product to use after removing braids and extensions.
Hair Therapy Wrap - Cordless Heating Cap - color white
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Hair Therapy Wrap
The Hair Therapy Wrap applies gentle heat for up to 30 minutes, encouraging conditioner to penetrate the hair follicles. It works very well with Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment ! You can use the Hair Therapy Wrap while bathing, relaxing, or around the house! Color may vary.
Stimulating Herbal Cleanser ™ 237ml Taliah Waajid

Stimulating Herbal Cleanser

Clarifying shampoo that helps to stop itching and other minor scalp irritationsProvides a cool, minty feel and scent that stimulates your scalp while cleansingTaliah Waajid Stimulating Herbal Cleanser Leaves scalp feeling clean and refreshed.
Skin Light Lotion anti spot 125ml
Skin Light Lotion
is an anti-spot lightening cleanser that has been developed to unify, treat dark spots and soften the skin.  Used daily in the morning and evening, the Skin Light lotion provides a uniform complexion and helps eliminate ugly black spots and pimples. Restores radiance and unifies the complexion.
Protection Hair Care before/after Chemical Treatments Keraplex
Your hair suffered from colours, discolourations, bleachings or successive relaxings or too agressive straightenings ? Keraplex will restore them, and protect against breakage, dryness and porousity.  Add from now on Keraplex to your preparation and you'll offer your hair : repair, strength, detangling, elasticity, hydratation, flexibility and radiance !
Babyliss Pro - Hair Straightener BAB2073EPE
Babyliss Pro Dry & Straighten EP Technology 5.0 38mm BAB2073EPE
is a straightener to straighten Wet and Dry with plates of an exceptional size 38mm x 120mm, so more than 45 cm² of smoothing surface, use on dry or wet hair, no friction for even more softness on the plates !
Avlon - Texture Release
Avlon Texture Release Kit
Includes a Scalp Rejuvenating Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Hair Dilator, Releasing Lotion, Thermal Protector, Curl Shape & Shine Cream, and Rejuvenating & Moisturizing Conditioner.  These products are designed to work in synergy for the best results. 
Boost K Hair - Clarifying Shampoo - 1000ml
BOOST K-Hair Clarifying Shampoo
is a clarifying shampoo to remove all residues present on the surface of the hair (styling products, pollution...). It removes all impurities and sebum excess from the hair and the scalp.  Provides an extreme freshness sensation and prepares the hair to receive BOOST K-Hair smoothing treatment, the second phase.
Alikay Naturals - Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer
Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer

Do you have kinky or curly hair that just stays dry no matter what ? Not anymore ! Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer delivers moisture and more moisture to hydrate even the driest hair while using 100% natural and organic ingredients. This specially-formulated moisturizer leaves your hair softer, shinier and more manageable than ever.
Palmer's Skin Success Deep Cleansing Facial Astringent - Lotion astringente visage
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This astringent lotion deeply cleanses pores, removes excess oil and impurities that can cause pimples, and helps exfoliate the skin by eliminating dead cells, which promotes a clearer and more even complexion. Thanks to its ingredients, Palmer's Skin Success astringent lotion brightens the complexion, tightens pores, and soothes irritations. Enriched with tea tree oil, the astringent lotion treats and prevents skin blemishes, while lactic acid hydrates the skin and smooths it. Together, these components work in harmony to leave the skin cleansed, refreshed, and visibly healthier.

Cleanses and removes excess oil and impurities



Cellular renewal


Skin radiance

Ambi Fade Serum Retinol
Facial serum, it helps to even out the complexion, fades brown spots, stimulates the production of collagen, which ensures firmer, smoother and more uniform skin.  Enriched with retinol, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and ceramides, Ambi Fade Serum Retinol helps fight acne and skin blemishes.  Prevents pore blockage caused by dead skin cells.  Ambi Facial Serum helps to increase and accelerate cellular and skin renewal, reduces damage caused by skin aging, and fades wrinkles, fine lines and pigment spots.Benefits :Smoothes skin textureEvens out the complexionReduces fine lines and wrinklesFight against acne
DevaCurl - Scalp Puri(pH)y
Exfoliating scalp treatment that deep cleanses and removes dead cells, hair product residues and impurities.  DevaCurl Scalp Puri(pH)y stimulates blood circulation in the scalp to promote better hair growth, strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage.  Thanks to its formula rich in Panthenol and glycolic acid, Devacurl Scalp Puri(pH)y exfoliating treatment combats dandruff and greasy hair, nourishes, improves elasticity and leaves hair softer, smoother and easier to style.
Benefits of DevaCurl Scalp Puri(pH)y :Exfoliates and detoxifies the scalpImproves blood circulation Prevents clogged hair folliclesIncreases the effectiveness of hair treatmentsStimulates hair growth
Design Essentials African Chébé Herbal Pre-Wash Intense Repair Masque
Pre-shampoo repair mask designed to strengthen, moisturize and repair damaged and brittle hair.  Thanks to its formula enriched with African Chébé extracts (mixture of Shea butter, Baobab oil, etc.) Design Essentials African Chébé Herbal Pre-Wash Intense Repair Mask deeply hydrates for softer and more supple hair, helps prevent prevents split ends and breakage, promotes growth, improves shine and strengthens hair structure.  Suitable for all hair types !
Camille Rose Black Castor Oil + Chebe Cleanse
This Repair Shampoo strengthens the hair fibre, stimulates hair growth and improves hair density.  Camille Rose Black Castor Oil and Chebe Cleanse provide a natural response to the needs of weakened hair in search of vitality.  Ricin oil, rich in fatty acids, deeply moisturises and promotes healthy growth, while Black Tea extract, loaded with antioxidants, protects hair from external damage and reduces hair loss. Chebe powder helps to make hair more resistant.  Together, these ingredients create a balanced formula that leaves hair soft, shiny and full of life.
Benefits :
Reduces breakage
Strengthens the hair shaft
Stimulates growth
Strengthens hair
Deeply moisturise
Carol's Daughter - Goddess Strength Fortifying Shampoo
Fortifying shampoo without parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors (vegan), it moisturizes and strengthens weak hair. Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength Fortifying Shampoo cleanses as it moisturizes for instantly stronger, less breakage-prone, healthy-looking hair.
Formulated with Castor Oil, Ginger Extract, Biotin and Black Seed Oil, Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength Fortifying Shampoo delivers 15x stronger hair in just one use, 94% less breakage, and supports hair strength. your hair as it is pulled.
Benefits of Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength - Fortifying Shampoo :
Cleans while moisturizing
Strengthens the hair shaft
94% less breakage !
Kojie San - Skin lightening Soap
Lightening soap based on natural kojic acid. It gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin. Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap controls melanin production, fades dark spots and skin blemishes. Kojie San Lightening Soap should be applied daily to combat dark spots and hyperpigmentation issues. Powerful pigmentation regulator, Kojie San lightening soap acts in depth and gives a unified complexion. Suitable for all skin types !
Benefits of Kojie San Skin lightening soapExfoliates the skinReduces dark spotsBrightens the skinEvens out the complexion
Cantu - Guava and Ginger - Anti-dandruff Shampoo
Anti-dandruff shampoo that cleanses the hair and scalp to eliminate dandruff and flaking while soothing the scalp.  Formulated with a unique blend of Guava, Ginger, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil and Menthol, Cantu Guava & Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo targets the roots to purify the scalp and pilo follicles. -sebaceous to treat dandruff at the source. By eliminating dead skin and impurities, it refreshes your hair and scalp, neutralizes irritation and cleanses the scalp.
Benefits of Cantu Guava & Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo :Eliminates dandruffSoothes the scalpRemoves dead skin cells
Dudu-Osun - Black Soap
100% natural soft black soap for face and body.  Dudu Osun Black Soap deeply cleanses, intensely moisturizes, reduces hyperpigmentation effectively, fights acne while illuminating and smoothing the skin texture without drying it.  With natural ingredients such as shea butter, honey and lemon, Dudu Osun Black Soap helps stimulate cell renewal to provide clear, soft, radiant and blemish-free skin.  Dudu-Osun's 100% natural black soap is suitable for normal, combination, oily and blemish-prone skin.
Capacity : 150gr
Benefits of Dudu Osun black soap :