Low Poo & Co-wash

Low Poo & Co-wash

The Low Poo & No Poo technique focuses on reducing or even eliminating the usual shampoo. We forget our Wash routine habits with foaming and chemical products and we switch to cleansing care.  This is THE new method to adopt to care for your hair gently and more naturally.

Find our collection of cleansing creams without sulfates or parabens.  Their hydrating and repairing formulas will transform your dry and brittle hair without weighing it down.  Low Poo & No Poo shampoo offers the right washing rhythm and the right products to suit your hair type.

Co-Wash or more precisely Conditioner-Washing, is a cleaning technique consisting of washing the hair with a conditioner.  Ideal for very damaged dry, bleached, rough hair, this routine is a must for hydrating and nourishing hair.  Put your shampoo aside once a week and integrate the conditioner into your hair routine as a cleansing treatment.  The term “cowash” was invented by hairstylist Lorraine Massey (creator of the CurlyWorld brand).  This technique is perfect for athletes or fans of elaborate hairstyles requiring frequent washing.  Indeed, excess shampoo on your hair can damage and dehydrate your hair, which is why using a Co-Wash treatment will allow you to revitalize it and maintain good hydration.

Indeed, its specificity is defined in its restorative and moisturizing function.  It eliminates residue and leaves your hair shiny while giving you a wave of freshness. Your curls will quickly find good health...

A nut, massage gently and rinse thoroughly, nothing could be simpler !

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