Affirm and Affirm Moisturight

Affirm is a hair straightening brand from Avlon for frizzy, curly hair.  Avlon offers two Affirm and Affirm Fiberguard straighteners.  Affirm relaxer care has exceptional straightening properties.  Thanks to its innovative formula, Affirm naturally and perfectly relaxes curly and frizzy hair, fragile and fine, with maximum security.  Affirm hair straighteners retain up to 81% of the elasticity of the hair fiber, thus limiting the breakage.  Thanks to its blend of exotic ingredients (Argan, Cupuaçu and Pequi oils)  Affirm relaxer nourishes and moisturizes the hair during the straightening process and restores vigor and vitality!

Affirm Fiberguard Sustenance
Affirm Fiberguard Sustenance Fortifying treatment Sustenance® Fortifying Treatment (Step 3) is an advanced, high performance conditioner that contains Fiber Strengthening Complex (FSC), a revolutionary conditioning complex exclusive to Avlon that penetrates deep within the hair shaft while cuticles are open immediately after rinsing of the relaxer.