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Other accessories

Other accessories

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Reference: SIB36

Brand: Sibel

Crochet Tire mèche

Crochet tire-mèche de Mileva vous permettant de séparer proprement et rapidement les mèches, il facilite la pose des extensions et une prise de main rapide et simple !

Price €4.94

Reference: MIZ57

Brand: Mizani

Mizani - Hair Lacers

Gone are the days of hard curling rods and hot tools.  Mizani introduces lacers to the textured hair scene. Today, texture is embraced, and even straight-haired clients are looking to join the movement.  Lacers are a styling tool that can be used in combination with Mizani products to give different types of waves and curls to the hair.

Price €19.28
In stock

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