Miss Jessie's

Founded by sisters Miko and Titi Branch, Miss Jessie’s products took the curly hair market by storm in 2004! The two sisters were able to perfect their products for curly hair in their hairdressing workshop-salon. Known for its expertise in styling curly, kinky and wavy hair and all types and textures, Miss Jessie's Salon has become a go-to place.

To meet their clients' daily curly hair care needs, the two sisters came across a problem: there was simply no quality product on the market that met the hair types of their clients. “There wasn't a lot to work with, and eventually we realized we wouldn't get that perfect solution if we didn't create it ourselves.” Recognizing a valuable opportunity to offer this niche market, Titi and Miko, inspired by their grandmother's can-do attitude, decided to perfect their own curly hair product creations and Miss Jessie's products were born!

The inspiration behind Miss Jessie's (and the source of the brand name) came from their paternal grandmother who concocted all kinds of mixtures and formulas in her kitchen to help tame and style her granddaughters' curly hair.

Miss Jessie's products are natural and consist of moisturizing, repairing and conditioning treatments for curly, frizzy and frizzy hair.

Miss Jessie's - Honey Harmless Gentle Wash
Thank goodness for Miss Jessie’s® Honey Harmless™! This honey-rich, sulfate-free and ultra-moisturizing shampoo is the perfect combination of nature’s nectar and humectants to gently cleanse your natural, curly, coily, and wavy textures  • Miss Jessie’s® Honey Harmless™ sulfate-free shampoo moisturizes, cleanses, and detangles soiled hair while removing dirt and product build-up from your textured and chemically treated hair. • Eliminating knotted, tangled, and matted strands while leaving your hair supremely soft and hydrated!
Miss Jessie's - Honey Sweet & Nice
Moisturizing Conditioner for curly, wavy and frizzy hair.  Thanks to its rich formula, Miss Jessie's Honey Sweet & Nice hydrates, nourishes, repairs and strengthens fragile curls while limiting breakage.  This conditioner from Miss Jessie's enriched with Honey and proteins gently detangles hair and conditions dry hair. It nourishes and softens the fiber while preserving its lightness.  Makes the hair soft without ever weighing it down.  The curls are more plump and magnified !
Benefits :Detangles gentlyHydrates without weighing downControls frizzSublimes the loop
Miss Jessie's Honey Curls
A gel for curly hair with a lightweight, fast-absorbing texture, Miss Jessie's Honey Curls combines the hydrating properties of a cream with the flexible hold of a gel to hydrate and define curls.  Perfect for wavy, frizzy and curly hair, whatever its length, Miss Jessie's Honey Curls tames frizz, revealing voluminous, well-defined and shiny curls !
Enriched with Honey and Sweet Almond Oil for deep conditioning and prevention of dryness, this gel-cream for curly hair amplifies the bounce, body and definition of your curls.
Miss Jessie's - Baby Buttermilk
Moisturizing milk for curly, frizzy, frizzy hair, sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free, it intensely hydrates, gently detangles and defines curls.  Miss Jessie's Baby Buttermilk strengthens, restores hair fiber, reduces frizz, eliminates tangles and protects hair from daily aggressions.  Miss Jessie's moisturizing milk offers well-defined, sheathed, supple and shiny curls.  The light formula of the moisturizing hair milk is composed of Castor oil to accelerate hair growth, Shea butter to hydrate, provide shine and suppleness, and Wheat germ oil to deeply nourish.
Benefits of Miss Jessie's Baby ButtermilkHydrationNutritionLoop definerAnti-frizzShine
Miss Jessie's - Pillow Soft Curl
The name says it all.  Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls™ is the new natural soft curl cream styling lotion that borrows fabric care technology and marries it to haircare. This soft curl cream is perfect for achieving static-free, big, or small soft curls that we all dream about.
If you don't want ramen noodle definition and instead want a larger, expanded, fluffy curl then Pillow Soft Curls™ is for you ! You will see that Pillow Soft Curls™ is so easy to apply.  It spreads so smoothly and feels as light as a feather on your curls. This is one of our products for natural soft curls that has the softest hold.
Great for Wavy, Curly, Tight Curly, & Transitioners
Miss Jessie's - Curly Meringue
Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue 
Wanna boost ? This potent emulsion packs the punch you need for pogo stick oingy boingy curls. Instructions for use : Apply a palm full of Curly Meringue to damp freshly shampooed and conditioned hair.  Rake through large sections and air dry.
Miss Jessie's - Jelly Soft Curls
Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls
A man on the moon.  Stay-on lipstick.  Fat-free ice cream.  At one time, all these things seemed impossible, but they all exist now.  Finally, you can add Miss Jessie’s innovative Jelly Soft Curls hair gel to the list of impossible things – now, made possible !
Miss Jessie's - Coily Custard
Miss Jessie's Coily Custard 
Miss Jessie's - Multicultural Clear
Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Clear ™ is the perfect light weight gel for your unique blend of multi-textured waves and curls. We know that you love Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls styling lotion because it gives your wavy and curly hair just the right amount of hold without being too heavy or too light.

Miss Jessie's - Transitioner's Magic
Miss Jessie's Transitioner's Magic 

Miss Jessie’s understands.  You are not quite ready for the “Big Chop” because you want to keep the length of your relaxed hair, but you are ready to go natural.  The most bewitching challenge for transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is managing and styling these two very different textures at the same time.

Miss Jessie's - Curly Pudding 237ml
Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding 
Our world famous Curly Pudding is a "smooth operator" that transforms shrunken kinks to super shiny stretched out curls. 

Instructions for use: Apply a palm full of Curly pudding to damp freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Rake through large sections and air dry.
Miss Jessie's - Multicultural Curls - Styling Lotion
Styling lotion for curly, wavy, frizzy hair, this formula helps moisturize, soften and define curls.  Formulated with Olive oil known for its moisturizing properties, Miss Jessie's Multicultural Curls Styling Lotion softens and softens while reducing frizz.  Enriched with Safflower oil, this styling lotion for curly hair reduces split ends, reduces breakage, revitalizes damaged hair, protects against thermal damage and brings lightness to the hair.
The benefits of Miss Jessie's Multicultural Curls Styling Lotion :RevitalizesProtects hairHydrates from root to tipStrengthens the hair shaftFight against frizzRedefines curls
Miss Jessie's - Quick Curls 8fl.oz
Delicate styling cream, Miss Jessie's Quick Curls perfectly defines, tones and shapes your curls.  These are plump and soft to the touch.  The texture of Miss Jessie's Quick Curls is so creamy that it defines simple waves in a cascade of voluptuous curls and with very little product.  The binding is perfectly dosed to give body without weighing it down. 
Miss Jessie's - Rapid Recovery Treatment
Recovery Treatment to combat dry, brittle and damaged curls.  Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery revitalizes damaged curly hair, detangles, smooths and provides hydration . Enriched with Wheat Protein and Shea Butter, this restorative treatment from Miss Jessie's is perfect for restoring hydration, while restoring elasticity to curly, frizzy, frizzy and transitioning hair.
Miss Jessie's - Harm Me Knot | Sulfate Free Shampoo
Tired of dealing with knotted hair? Want to find the best shampoo for knotted hair ? Take a look at Miss Jessie’s Harm Me Knot ! This is the sulfate-free shampoo you’ve been searching for ! This amazing softening shampoo formula does it all without pulling all of your hair out ! Harm Me Knot is a sulfate-free shampoo that works to cleanse your natural, curly, and wavy textures gently.  Miss Jessie’s Harm Me Knot is the best shampoo for knotted hair because it moisturizes, cleanses, and detangles soiled hair while removing dirt and product build-up from your natural, curly, colored, and chemically-treated hair.

Key Benefits

Product build-up removal
Chemically & color-treated hair
Tangled & matted hair
Parched & brittle hair
Gentle cleansing

Miss Jessie's - Soften Me Up | Hydrating Conditioner
This hair conditioning treatment has superb conditioning properties that are amazing for damaged hair caused by coloring and chemically treating it. Miss Jessie’s Soften Me Up daily hydrating conditioner moisturizes, protects, and detangles dehydrated curly hair like nothing you have ever used before.This gently hydrating conditioner eliminates those pesky, tangled strands and leaves your curly hair as silky smooth as ever. Miss Jessie’s Soften Me Up hair conditioning treatment restores the moisture balance to your hair and scalp. This softening and hydrating daily conditioner is great for everyday use. Miss Jessie’s Soften Me Up prevents hair breakage by eliminating those dry and brittle strands permanently. Let your curly hair luxuriate in super softness with this incredible conditioner
Miss Jessie's - Feather Soft Curls | Curl Lotion
Best Product for waves ! Miss Jessie’s curl lotion is perfect for achieving the voluminous and softly defined curls we all want.  No rigid definition, only bouncy healthy-looking curls.  This magic comes in a sleek 8.5-fl-oz container that locks the curls, lessens frizz, no crunch, no stringy curls, slight hold, adds shine, and soft, airy curls that look better the next day !!!! 
Miss Jessie’s Feather Soft Curls™ lightweight curl styler is excellent for :

Wash & Go Styling

Featherweight Curls

Leave-In Conditioner

Big & Bountiful Curls

Light & Smooth Consistency 

Non-Sticky Application

People Who Seriously Do Not Want Hard Definition, But Instead Want Feather Soft Curls


Miss Jessie’s - Señora Rizada
Hola Queen! We made this one just for you, Mami! Your unique style and flare inspired us to celebrate you and your curls to the very fullest. Whether you are defining every single curl or are cocktailing this amazing gel with mostly any product to achieve that perfect style, Miss Jessie's created Señora Rizada, especially for you to get that soft and buttery but super-defined result you always dreamed of. Once you use Miss Jessie's Señora Rizada, you will never long for anything else.