Oils, Glycerin, Body serum

Makari Exclusive - Toning Glycerin

Fade hyperpigmentation with Exclusive Toning Glycerin.  This formula binds moisture into skin, rejuvenating texture for healthier-looking appearance. Infused with our exclusive brightening complex, the toning glycerin helps fade body discolorations such as liver spots, scars, and marks creating a more radiant and youthful complexion.
Makari - Caviar Clarifying Glycerin
Bind moisture into skin with this rejuvenating glycerin for skin hydrator that helps fade body discolorations such as liver spots, scars, and marks and promotes a softer, silker more  radiant complexion. This is a body only product! 
Hydrates and conditions
Softens and silkens skin
Fades discolorations
Promotes radiance
Makari Extreme - Toning Glycerin Argan & Carrot Oil

Extreme Carrot & Argan oil moisturizer conditions, hydrates, softens and rejuvenates the appearance of skin texture and helps lighten stretch marks, blemishes and spots reversing signs of damage giving skin a lustrous glow.  This is a Body Only Product ! 
Opalya - Lightening glycerin
A moisturizing and brightening treatment for the skin, Opalya Glycerin smooths, deeply hydrates it and thus offers an effective solution to visibly improve the appearance of your skin and helps achieve a more even and luminous complexion.Enriched with moisturizing agents, Brightening Opalya Glycerin helps maintain optimal levels of hydration throughout the day, preventing skin from drying out and becoming dull. Thanks to Lemon essential oil, it offers protection against external aggressions and strengthens the skin barrier. Opalya's glycerin quickly penetrates the skin, leaving a feeling of comfort and freshness.Benefits :Deeply hydratesHelps unify the skinProtects the skin
Ambi Fade Serum Retinol
Sérum pour le visage, il aide à unifier le teint, estompe les taches brunes, stimule la production de collagène, ce qui assure une peau plus ferme, plus lisse et plus uniforme. Enrichi en rétinol, en niacinamide, en acide hyaluronique et en céramides, Ambi Fade Serum Retinol aider à lutter contre l’acné et les imperfections de la peau. Prévient de l'obstruction des pores causée par les cellules mortes de la peau. Le Sérum pour le visage de Ambi contribue à augmenter le renouvellement cellulaire et cutané, atténue les dommages causés par le vieillissement cutané et accélère le renouvellement cutané, d’estomper les rides, ridules.
Avantages :
Lisse le grain de la peau
Unifie le teint
Estompe les rides et ridules
Lutte contre l’acné
Accélère le renouvellement cellulaire