Body care

Fifty's - Ageless Extratone Fade Cream
A lightweight face and neck cream to nurture and protect the skin with enhanced skin brightening and hydration for a smooth and more luminous skin.
Fifty’s Ageless Extratone Cream features an exclusive blend of Cashew nut seed oil and Shea butter formulated to help to visibly reduce appearance of dark marks for luminous skin, and to cover your cosmetic needs from fighting premature wrinkles and age lines to firming and toning the skin for an improved appearance of the skin and of the make-up.
Makari Extreme Argan and carrot Oil Botanical Body Oil

Nourishing botanics body oil formula conditions, hydrates, softens and rejuvenates the appearance of skin texture, stretch marks, blemishes and spots reversing the signs of aging and giving skin a lustrous glow. 
Ambi Black Soap with Shea Butter

Ambi Black Soap with Shea Butter

This unique facial bar gently cleanses and moisturizes skin.  Facial bar appears black, but rinses clear as it moisturizes and effectively washes away surface impurities.  Enriched with Shea butter, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E, it leaves skin naturally nourished, soft, and smooth.
Palmers - Skin Success Fade Cream for all skin types
Unifying cream for all skin types designed to brighten and even out the complexion of all skin types.  It reduces dark spots on the skin, gives radiance while matching skin tone.  Vitamin E formula known for its antioxidant properties which help protect the skin against external aggressions.  Palmer's Skin Success Fade Cream for all skin types reduces signs of aging and impurities like scars, moisturizes, protects, evens skin tone and gives radiance.
Benefit of Palmer’s Skin Success Fade Cream for all skin types :

Reduces dark spots

Hydration & Nutrition

Improves skin texture

Formulated for all skin types

Civic Cream
Civic Cream helps correct the clear skin of all its imperfections.It is a cream designed to help black skin, mixed and matte to unify, lighten their complexion.  Removes dark spots and skin imperfections, unifies the complexion.  Civic Cream is also suitable for acne skin, redness, scars, and pregnancy spots.  Use daily as needed.
Makari - Premium+ - Body Brightening Beauty Milk

Hydrating, lightweight anti aging body lotion, it smoothes the complexion while reducing the appearance of pigmented marks, discolorations and signs of premature aging with unparalleled skin toning and brightening results.
Makari Extreme Argan & Carrot Oil Glycerin

Extreme Carrot & Argan oil moisturizer conditions, hydrates, softens and rejuvenates the appearance of skin texture and helps lighten stretch marks, blemishes and spots reversing signs of damage giving skin a lustrous glow.  This is a Body Only Product ! 
Makari Extreme Argan & Carrot Oil Exfoliating Soap

Uncover lighter skin with this cleansing, exfoliating soap bar that detoxifies and removes impurities sloughing off dull, dead skin revealing an illuminated skin tone.
Ambi Soft & Even Creamy Oil Lotion
Ambi Skin Care Soft  Even Creamy Oil Lotion

This moisture-rich body lotion combines the intensive moisturizing benefits of an oil, in a convenient non-greasy lotion form. Its unique formula is enriched with a blend of natural ingredients – shea butter, known for its ability to soften skin and olive oil, to relieve dry skin instantly as it helps lock in moisture. 
Palmers - Skin Success Fade Cream Oily Skin
Brightening cream specifically formulated to meet the needs of oily skin. It aims to reduce dark spots and signs of aging, with the aim of obtaining a more radiant and rejuvenated complexion.  Formulated with Vitamin C and Songyi Mushroom Extract, designed to balance, brighten and revitalize oily skin. Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, works to reduce signs of aging and even skin tone, while Songyi Mushroom Extract, known for its brightening properties, helps fade dark spots and improve skin's radiance. skin. Palmer’s Skin Success Cream Oily Skin helps control excess oil, minimizing the appearance of pores and leaving skin fresh, luminous and visibly healthier.


Reduces dark spots
Reduces signs of aging
Gives shine
Suitable for oily skin
New Light Zaban Cream
New Light Zaban Cream is a beauty product intended to reduce skin roughness.  Its concentrated formula based on Pomegranate and Zaban (madd) from West Africa, without water, is ideal for smoothing rough skin, renewing the upper layers of the epidermis and eliminating dead cells, thanks to the combined action of natural extracts and salicylic acid.From the first application, New Light Zaban Cream will leave your skin softer, smoother and delicately scented.
Fifty's Ageless Extratone Fade Milk
A non oily formula that helps to reduce appearance of dark marks and other minor skin blemishes and to deliver an illuminated skin radiant complexion. It helps actively to promote the feel of firmer skin and to fight wrinkles and facial lines giving wonderful smoothness and toning up the skin. Fifty's Ageless Extratone Fade Milk Plus is designed specially to give a more visible skin brightening effect. It absorbs easily.
Ageless Extratone Fade products contain Cashew nut oil and Shea butter that are known to be rich in several bioactive and health promoting components. It has a remarkable moisturizing effect. It contributes to reduce the signs of aging from harmful free radicals, ensures improvement of skin appearance.
Makari - Caviar Clarifying Glycerin
Bind moisture into skin with this rejuvenating glycerin for skin hydrator that helps fade body discolorations such as liver spots, scars, and marks and promotes a softer, silker more  radiant complexion. This is a body only product! 
Hydrates and conditions
Softens and silkens skin
Fades discolorations
Promotes radiance
Makari Hand and Body Lotion
Makari Hand and Body Lotion refreshes, renews and replenishes skin.  Lush and lightweight, a targeted blend of non-skin lightening botanicals nourishes away dryness and delivers rich moisture to sustain skin throughout the day, without leaving a greasy residue.  Skin is hydrated, supple and silky smooth. 

Makari Exclusive Tone Boosting Body Glycerin

Fade hyperpigmentation with Exclusive Toning Glycerin.  This formula binds moisture into skin, rejuvenating texture for healthier-looking appearance. Infused with our exclusive brightening complex, the toning glycerin helps fade body discolorations such as liver spots, scars, and marks creating a more radiant and youthful complexion.
Makari Exclusive Active Intense Soap

Unveil luminous skin with this advanced whitening exfoliating bar.  This bleaching alternative cleanses impurities, exfoliates dull, dead skin and promotes a clear, unified skin tone.
Palmers Cocoa Butter Daily Skin Therapy
Moisturizing Body Milk is effective in repairing and softening dry and rough skin.  This unique formula combines the benefits of Cocoa butter with those of Sunflower oil.  Cocoa butter, rich in antioxidants, helps moisturize the skin, making it lather and touching it.  Sunflower oil, known for its softening properties, helps maintain the skin's elasticity and youthfulness.  The body milk penetrates quickly without leaving any greasy residue, provides long-lasting hydration.  Palmer's Cocoa Butter Daily Skin Therapy is ideal for all skin types and is also suitable for daily use.


Smooth the skin


Reduces imperfections

Opalya - Lait Eclaircissant l'huile de Carotte
Opalya Lightening Milk with Carrot Oil
Lightening milk with OPALYA Carrot oil has been specially designed for the beauty of the black or mixed woman.   Its formula rich in lightening complex (8.5%), shea butter (1.5%), known for its nourishing and protective properties associated with the antioxidant effects of vitamin E contained in carrot oil, made of this milk a real daily care for your body.  Your complexion becomes clear and radiant.  This milk leaves no greasy film.  And it is suitable for all skin types. 
Makari Naturalle Carotonic - Multivitamin Toning Glycerin with Carrot Oil
Makari Naturalle Carotonic Extreme Multivitamin Lightening Glycerin
Multivitamin Glycerin Lightening Makari Naturalle Carotonic Extreme is based on natural plant extracts.   It helps nourish, hydrate and unify your skin.  It gives shine, and smoothes the skin. Advised in drugstore and dermatological practice, the result is a clear skin, clear and without tasks. 
Makari - Naturalle Intense Extreme - Body Lotion SPF 15
Multi-Vitamin toning even skin tone body lotion pampers skin with shea buttery-rich nourishment that repairs dry skin, fades stretch marks and scars, softens skin and boosts radiance.
Fades scars and dark spots
Conditions and soothes skin irritations
Slows effects of aging
Brightens complexion
Body lotion only. Do not apply to face.
Recommended for dry to normal skin types
Pr Françoise Bedon Paris - Royal Luxe Lightening Lotion
Body milk designed to even out skin tone and reduce dark spots. It deeply moisturises, revitalises skin and promotes a brighter, more radiant appearance.  This unifying, multi-vitamin Royal body lotion protects against environmental damage while targeting spots for a visibly clearer, more even complexion, ideal for black and mixed-race skin types.  Lait éclaircissant Pr. Françoise Bedon combines skin care and lightening, making your skin softer, smoother and more radiant !

Unifies the complexion

Reduces dark spots

Gives radiance

Makes the skin soft

Egyptian Magic - All Purpose Skin Cream | 118ml
Multi-use cream, it helps fight against eczema and psoriasis, moisturizes and nourishes dry skin.  Egyptian Magic Cream helps prevent stretch marks, wrinkles and reduces the appearance of scars.  Formulated with a unique blend of 100% natural ingredients, including Propolis, Honey and Royal Jelly, it can be used as a cleanser, eye makeup remover, lip balm, and soothing on insects bites.Benefits of Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream :

Anti-stretch mark
Softens skin and lips
Eliminates scars burns and stains
Fifty's E-Z Complex
Anti-stretch mark serum specially formulated to fight against stretch marks, scars and to unify the complexion.  Made with Cashew nut oil and Lavender oil, Fifty's E-Z Anti-Stretch Mark Complex absorbs quickly, leaves skin soft and smooth.  It helps even out skin tone and leave your skin looking healthy and youthful.  Thanks to its active ingredients, Fifty's Body Serum helps to deeply nourish the skin, keep it hydrated, reduce the appearance of scars, blemishes and skin blemishes while leaving it feeling smooth.
Benefits :Anti stretch marksSmooth the skinEvens out the complexionReduces the appearance of scarsFight against skin imperfections