Flat & detangler brush

Centaure - Super Detangling Brush
The Centaur Super Detangling Brush detangles your most difficult hair without tearing it, facilitates your brushing while protecting the ends and reducing the unpleasant effects of static electricity.  Also reduces fall and breakage.

Centaure - Brush S3 Cushion 100% Boar
This 100% wild boar pneumatic brush is the ideal tool to gently take care of your hair.  The boar hairs will lengthen the natural sebum from root to tip, and thus gently hydrate, bring shine and silkiness to your hair.  The Centaure Boar Bristle Pneumatic Brush reduces static electricity and is ideal for detangling hair without breaking it and stimulating blood circulation.
Wide brush 9 rows
Respect for pure boar hair
Shine and silkiness thanks to pure boar
Comfort and flexibility 
Centaure - Brush C3 Cushion Chardon 9rs
This pneumatic Chardon brush allows both disentangling, thanks to its nylon nubs, and the shine through the silky feel of boar bristle brushes.
Wide brush 9 rows
Respect for pure boar hairs
Shine and silky thanks to pure boar
Comfort and flexibility of the tire
Centaure - Baby Hair Boar Bristle Brush 3 rows
The Fine Finishing Brush is a narrow and versatile boar bristle brush.  Appreciated by professional stylists because of its many talents, it is particularly useful for making baby hair or for gently crimping hair.  The tip of the handle separates the wicks.
Put the finishing touches on your hairstyle with perfectly smooth and controlled edges.  With its 3 rows of boar bristles, the baby hair brush does what is necessary so that each hair is in place.
Used to massage the scalp, it ensures good distribution of protective sebum, activates circulation and boosts growth.  Its wooden handle is sturdy and easily and without damage withstands brushing the thickest and most textured hair.
Centaure - 100% Pure boar hairs Brush 100%
This brush is very effective in detangling hair without damaging sensitive scalps and without breaking the hair fiber.  With its ergonomic handle, it is particularly appreciated for gently detangling children's hair.  Of excellent quality, the Centaure brush will not leave your hair 'electric'.
Boar hair is not aggressive because it contains keratin, like our hair, and has the capacity to absorb impurities and oil.
Soft but firm, its bristles facilitate detangling of hair while gently massaging the scalp with their rounded tips, which promotes good blood circulation.
The Centaure brush is also ideal for smoothing hair when making buns and for straightening hair.
Centaure - Curved Liss Brush
Extra large curved brush with perforated body, it allows free circulation and quick drying.
Thanks to its combination of natural boar bristles and nylon, the Centaure curved liss brush gently detangles and smoothes the hair, allowing good distribution of hair care from the scalp to the ends of the hair.
Antistatic, the Centaure curved brush prevents damage caused by heat and wonderfully fits the rounded shape of the head for quick styling and gentle detangling.
It adapts to your hair fiber for a perfect finish !
Its soft, non-slip handle allows for better control and easy styling !
Centaure - Gentle Detangling Brush blue
Detangling brush makes it easier to gently detangle your hair.  Designed with flexible teeth to reduce breakage and shedding during detangling, it guarantees tangle-free and natural detangling.
It is ideal for all hair types.