Eco Styler

Eco Styler

Eco Styler offers professional quality styling gels for all hair textures.  Alcohol-free, Eco Styler gels help moisturize the hair while offering strong or light fixation according to your desire, and a long-lasting hold without leaving residues.  Eco Styler products are adopted by bloggers and youtubeuses thanks to their efficiency and their quality / price ratio.

Pink Gel Extra Curl and Wave 355ml Eco Styler

ECO STYLER CURL AND WAVE GEL Eco Style Curl & Wave Gel is a firm holding gel ideal for curly and wavy hair. It is weightless and provides gravity-defying hold for all styles. Eco Style Curl & wave gel is  water based and will provide...
Price €3.25

Eco Styler Argan

Le gel Eco Styler à l'huile d'Argan pure Eco Style Moroccan Argan Oil styling gel is formulated with rare oils from the Argan tree in Morocco. Our Morrocan argan hair oil formula conditions to tame frizzy hair, while adding brilliant shine and UV...
Price €4.25

Eco Styler Olive

Eco Styler Olive Eco Style Olive Oil styling gel is made with 100% pure olive oil. Olive oil helps the scalp naturally regulate its moisturizing system. It attracts moisture to the scalp and holds it in while also taming frizz. Like all our...
Price €4.25

Eco Styler Krystal

Eco Styler Krystal Eco Style Krystal styling gel is a strong hair styling gel that is ideal for any hair type and color. This weightless hairgel product provides gravity-defying hold and adds body & shine to all styles. Eco Style Krystal...
Price €3.25


Eco Style Protein Gel provides conditioning and strength for hair nourishment. Eco Style Protein Gel is string holding, water based and will provide moisture to help maintain healthy hair.
Price €3.25

Eco Style Jamaïcan Black Castor

Eco Style Black Castor  Eco Style Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil styling gel helps to nourish, repair and grow hair. Wheat protein strengthens and protects hair. Like all of our styling gels, it is weightless and will leave our hair with a healthy...
Price €4.85

Eco Style Coco

Eco Style Coconut Oil Eco Style Coconut Oil Styling gel is made with 100% pure coconut oil which helps your scalp naturally regulate its own moisturizing system by attracting moisture to the scalp and holding it in. Like all our styling gels, it...
Price €4.87