Après-shampoing Antipelliculaire

Après-shampoing Antipelliculaire

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Reference: MIZ46

Brand: Mizani

Mizani - Scalp Care Conditioner

SCALP CARE Antidandruff Conditioner Is a rich, luxurious Conditioner designed to help control scalp flaking, scaling and itching with 1% pyrithione zinc content. Restores moisture balance to hair and scalp and continues to deliver dandruff fighting active ingredients.

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Reference: AFF33

Brand: Affirm

AffirmCare - Scalp Therapy - Hydrating Anti-Dandruff Conditioner

Anti-dandruff moisturizing conditioner. Thanks to its advanced formula with Coconut oil, Coconut butter Shea and Mango Butter that hydrate hair, add healthy shine and leave hair feeling healthy, nourished and disentangled. AffirmCare-Scalp Therapy - Hydrating Anti-Dandruff Conditioner soothes the scalp and helps eliminate dandruff. Benefits :...

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