Mizani Bond pHorce

Mizani Bond pHORCE is a protein treatment designed for relaxed or chemically textured hair. This protein treatment helps neutralize and restore an ideal pH after treatment. Bond pHORCE from Mizani reconstitutes the destroyed disulfide bridges in the heart of the hair. Hair emerges stronger, healthier, shinier, less likely to break and fewer split ends form. Restorative and strengthening treatment, it protects hair from damage occurring during chemical treatments.

Mizani Bond pHORCE is a completely innovative hair care that helps you prevent damage caused by straightening, coloring, bleaching and perms. This hair treatment with multiple benefits is perfect for providing hydration, repair, body and shine to all hair types !

Mizani - BOND pHORCE In Salon Kit
This Protein Treatment kit was made for relaxed or chemically-textured hair.  BOND pHORCE, a rebonded hair treatment to restore pH level in relaxed hair.  This hair repair treatment kit fortifies hair fibers and restores hair bond integrity.  It instantly neautralizes hair and brings it back ideal pH range while reducing breakage to help hair grow longer.
Mizani - BOND pHORCE Fortifying Treatment 16.9 fl.oz
This rebonded hair treatment was made for relaxed or chemically-texturized hair.  A protein treatment for relaxed hair made to neutralize pH, strengthen strands and add shine.
Step two in the Bond pHORCE Treatment, this pH bonder fortifies hair fibers and preserves bond integrity.  It finishes the neutralization and leaves hair even closer to the ideal pH zone following a relaxer treatment, allowing hair to grow longer, due to less breakage.
Mizani - BOND pHORCE - Fiber Maintenance Conditioner
This protein conditioner was made for relaxed hair in need of deep conditioning.  A moisturizing deep conditioner for relaxed hair.  This protein conditioner for relaxed hair helps maintain an ideal pH with regular deep treatments between salon visits.  Use Mizani BOND pHORCE Fiber Maintenance Conditioner post-shampoo for hair that is noticeably strong and shinier.