Izzy Coiffe

A fashion accessory, the scarf is one of our best hair assets. In a cool or very chic version, the scarf, like a hair covering, can be worn in different ways to enhance our outfit!

Discover our range of Izzy Coiffe scarves created by Senegalese Codou Mohamed Cissé for Mileva / Lumibeauty.

Codou Mohamed Cissé is a Senegalese who specialized in communications. Director and designer in her spare time, Codou Mohamed Cissé has set herself the goal of bringing a touch of originality to women in the wearing of headscarves.

The Izzy Coiffe scarf threading system is exclusive and patented. The models are diverse and original: whatever your style, you will find an accessory that suits you!

With Izzy Coiffe, you have mastered the entire art of tying a scarf!