60 secondes Em2h

A simple formula for indisputable results, that's the art of EM2H 60 seconds.
With 98% ingredients of natural origin, this exclusive complex provides 18 benefits to the hair for repair in 60 seconds. Em2h 60 seconds smart solution (intelligent solution) is formulated for weakened, damaged, brittle, dry, dull and lifeless hair.

Em2h 60 seconds combines the most advanced proteins and noble ingredients to revitalize the hair, filling in their damaged areas. This 60-second impact and repair treatment fights porosity, frizz and split ends, delivers hydration, emollience and 3D shine.

Em2h 60 seconds is composed of a complex of 11 amino acids and 6 vitamins. Thanks to its technology, its ingredients: marine collagen, wheat proteins, panthenol, mango butter, encapsulated soybean oil are gradually released and act in synergy and significantly in the areas with the highest porosity and the most damaged.

Em2h - 60 secondes - Smart Shampoo
Detoxifying shampoo,  smart shampoo deeply cleanses, eliminates polluting particles from the scalp and hair.  Also suitable for colored hair, Em2h 60 seconds Smart Shampoo intensely washes the scalp and hair exposed to the insidious effects of pollution, it revitalizes and tones the hair and scalp.  Thanks to its formula enriched with amino acids, Mango butter and Almond oil, Em2h's detoxifying smart shampoo stimulates growth, strengthens the hair shaft, revitalizes, frees the scalp and intensely invigorates.
Benefits :

More strength

More care

More shine

Easier to detangle

Purified hair

Refreshed hair

Em2h 60 secondes Smart Therapy

Repairing care for damaged, sensitized, brittle and colored hair. This unique complex revitalizes hair, fights against hair porosity, frizz and split ends and provides hydration and shine. Em2h Smart Therapy deeply repairs, restores, moisturizes and protects hair. Enriched with 11 amino acids, Em2h 60 Seconds Smart Therapy penetrates to the heart of the cortex (inner part of keratin) to rebuild from within and seal the scales, leaving hair smooth, soft, and shiny.
Product benefits from the 1st application:
80% more revitalized52% less damaged surface55% more shiny hair44% more resistant hairLess breakage: 90% stronger hair!
Em2h 60 secondes Smart Treatment
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3-in-1 reconstructive hair care to use as a conditioner, hair mask and/or leave-in treatment. Thanks to its formula rich in amino acids, Avocado and Sweet Almond oils, Em2h 60 Seconds Smart Treatment stimulates growth and strengthens hair structure, stops breakage and brings lightness. With 60 seconds Smart Therapy from Em2h, the hair fiber is instantly renewed, moisturized and protected from heat up to 230°C. The reconstructive treatment also fills in the ends, thickens thinning hair, deeply repairs and intensely moisturizes the hair.
Benefits Em2h 60 seconds Smart Treatment: RepairsStops breakageStimulates growthAnti-frizzFights against greasy hairFills in the ends
Em2h - 60 secondes - Damaged Hair Care
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60 second damaged hair repair kit designed to deeply condition and repair damaged and weakened hair. The Em2h 60 second Smart Solution kit fills in, strengthens the fiber from within and gently moisturizes the hair. Thanks to its ultra-concentrated formula in amino acids and proteins, the 60-second damaged hair repair kit envelops the hair from the roots to the ends in a moisturizing veil to minimize breakage and smooth the hair fiber without weighing the hair down.  Kit Em2h 60 seconds Smart solution welds the cuticles, strengthens the heart of the fiber, stimulates growth, respects the color and softens each strand for a silky and shiny result! 
Benefits:Repairs in depthStops breakageStrengthens Moisturizes