Tools Heat protectors

Centaure - Super Detangling Brush
The Centaur Super Detangling Brush detangles your most difficult hair without tearing it, facilitates your brushing while protecting the ends and reducing the unpleasant effects of static electricity.  Also reduces fall and breakage.

Prothermic Glove Hair straightening Thermo Protector EM2H
ProThermic Glove by EM2H is a thermal protection glove, ideal accessory to protect your fingers from heat during hair straightening. it protects the fingers from the heat provided at high temperature by the straightener. It is equipped with 3 protective fingers and a scratch closure. ProThermic Glove by EM2H is designed to bring you safety, flexibility and comfort.
Techni Cap Bonnet à Permanente Auto-Chauffant à Elastique Sibel
Techni Cap Self-Heating Elastic Permanent Cap.
When you have dry hair, you subscribe to regular hair care! Whether in the form of masks or oil baths, it is then necessary to use a self-heating cap to allow the product to penetrate well into the fiber.
The principle of the Sibel self-heating cap :
Made from a thermal material, the heat produced by the head remains trapped in the Sibel hat.