Styling care and products

Styling care and products


  • Curl Define Cream

    Moisturizing, nourishing, Curl Hair Defining Cream provides frizz control, defines and shapes curls effortlessly.  It adds shine and smoothes locks without leaving residue.  Its creaminess allows thicker hair to obtain definition without a cardboard effect.  Curly Hair Defining Cream protects against frizz and humidity, while softening and conditioning hair to leave it soft and shiny.

    For best results, apply the cream to wet and detangled hair beforehand...

    Benefits of defining cream for curly hair :



    Definition of loops



  • Styling Gel and Jelly

    Gel is a styling product that helps control hair mass.  It helps to flatten the hair, modulate it and define the curls.  t maintains the hairstyle for a long time.  Depending on your preferences, the gel can be light or more resistant.  Enriched with natural ingredients, some can moisturize the hair, even the scalp.  The gel is essential for hairstyles, such as a bun or wet look hair.

  • Hair oils and serums

    Hair serums are treatments that provide a protective film against UV attacks, pollution, etc.  They smooth and make the hair shine.  There are also serums dedicated to hair growth and a few drops of which soothe your scalp.


    Oil is a relatively oily treatment that penetrates the hair scales.  Of natural origin, it will nourish the hair from root to tip as well as the scalp or even activate growth !


    Use in daily care or in an oil bath, to maintain straightening or refresh your hairstyle.

  • Hair Milk

    Hair milk is a styling product for all types of hair prone to dryness. It is a leave-in treatment that is also suitable for fine hair. Often infused with oils or ingredients of natural origin, it nourishes and hydrates the hair. It can act as a detangler and defines curls. It helps maintain the hydration of the curl on a daily basis. Lighter than butter or cream, milk penetrates fine hair more easily and does not weigh it down.

  • Leave-in conditioner

    The leave-in conditioner is a leave-in treatment.  It is found marketed in the form of cream, spray or milk to add hydration after shampooing or daily.  It penetrates the hair deeply and prevents the lengths from drying out.  The leave-in conditioner softens and detangles the hair.  This treatment can weigh down or grease fine or straight hair; in this case we advise you to favor liquid formulas over creamy ones.  The leave-in conditioner is the secret to successful twists and braids-outs, for a supple mane bursting with shine !

  • Mousse and styling wax

    Styling mousse helps straighten your wigs, define your curls and fix your hairstyle.  It gives volume, protects the hair before blow-drying (special blow-dry foam) and gives a shine effect to the hair.  The foam is essential and easy to use thanks to its light texture.

     Styling wax is a styling product used to structure the hairstyle.  Rubbed and heated in the hands, it fixes and styles wavy and straight hair.  For frizzy, curly and curly hair, it can help create flattened or baby hairs.  Suitable for all hair types, it is the finishing treatment by excellence !

  • Curl activator spray

    The curl activator spray awakens and redefines curls in just a few strokes ! To be used by spraying wet hair back, it provides definition and shine to the hair.  Your hair is reboosted, bouncy and radiant.  According to the brand, its mist can help combat frizz, humidity, and dull curls.  No need to rinse!

  • Moisturizing and...

    The hydrating spray provides your dry hair with the hydration it is lacking, throughout your hair routine.  When you need to rehydrate your curls or waves mid-week, the spray will provide you with humectant active ingredients to rebalance the quantity of water present in the scalp to the ends.  For curly, frizzy and frizzy hair, we recommend using a leave-in conditioner, milk or oil to seal in moisture.

  • Hair growth care

    Treatments that stimulate hair growth and focus on scalp health.  The hair sometimes loses volume, health or simply breaks.  To remedy these deficiencies, it is important to take care of your hair carefully, from root to tip. This category of treatments dedicated to this problem includes vegetable oils, serums and hair elixirs to apply either during the day or in the evening. 

    Masks will protect the lengths and ends.

    A balanced diet of course plays a key role in hair regrowth.  Also, food supplements provide the nutrients to revitalize the hair from the inside.  These products are suitable for all hair types !

  • Thermo-protective care

    Spray, serum or cream…thermo-protective treatments are essential to protect your hair from heat.  They minimize breakage that can be caused by the use of heating appliances.  Thermo-protective treatment is the combination of smoothing and detangling active ingredients.

    It is important to choose a treatment adapted to your hair type.  They can repair damaged hair, thanks to heat-active formulas, and control frizz, protect from UV rays...their benefits are numerous and varied !

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