Smoothing Comb

Centaure - Styro' Liss Detangling Comb
Folding detangling comb Special for Brazilian smoothingThis Styro' Liss comb helps hold strands and facilitates straightening.Allows hair to avoid tangling during straightening : the strand is evenly distributed and smoothed from root to tip before using the straightener.

Centaure - Super Detangling Brush
The Centaur Super Detangling Brush detangles your most difficult hair without tearing it, facilitates your brushing while protecting the ends and reducing the unpleasant effects of static electricity.  Also reduces fall and breakage.

SIBEL - Baby Hair special Comb
Special baby hair comb : straighten, comb and style your baby hair.  The special baby Hair comb with three different heads helps you style your unruly little hair the way you want and with ease.