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Lightening lotion

Lightening lotion

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Reference: SKI101

Skin Light Lotion anti spot 125ml

Skin Light Lotion is an anti-spot lightening cleanser that has been developed to unify, treat dark spots and soften the skin.  Used daily in the morning and evening, the Skin Light lotion provides a uniform complexion and helps eliminate ugly black spots and pimples. Restores radiance and unifies the complexion.

Price €18.50

Reference: HT4

Brand: HT26

HT26 Intensive Concentrated Lotion Spots action

Developed in response to problems of black or dark skin types HT26 ACTION-TACHES® INTENSIVE CONCENTRATED LOTION contains selected plant active substances which help your skin to regain a new balance with a light, smooth complexion. This lotion is the ideal skin care intended to correct imperfection spots and dark areas let by pimples or scars.   HT26...

Price €21.98
In stock

Reference: TOP4

Brand: Topsygel

Topsygel - Concentrated Lightening Face Lotion

Purifying lotion for black and mixed skin, it gently cleanses, helps lighten pigment spots and unifies the appearance of the skin. Topsygel Concentrated Lightening Face Lotion effectively removes impurities and gently purifies the skin.  It thus limits the production of sebum without stripping the skin. Results :Cleanses the skin and removes excess...

Price €25.98
In stock

Reference: AMB7

Brand: Ambi

Ambi Skincare - Even & Clear Intense Clarifying Toner

Is a dual-purpose item, Clarifying Toner (which removes surface impurities without stripping the skin) and Facial Mist (which hydrates and refreshes the skin). It is specifically formulated with Licorice Root Extract which helps even skin tone and antioxidant-rich Vitamin C which helps support skin rejuvenation and adds glow to skin. It also includes...

Price €15.98
In stock

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