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Reference: DEVA26

Brand: Devacurl

DevaCurl - Devafuser

Devacurl Devafuser This unique, universal diffuser is the best helping hand your curls could ever ask for. Its 360-degree airflow completely surrounds curls from the roots to the ends for speedier drying time than traditional diffusers. The new ceramic inner core helps preserve moisture keeping curls frizz-free and shiny.

Price €43.31 Regular price €57.75

Reference: PARL1

Brand: Sibel

Parlux Superturbo HP Hair Dryer 2400W

Parlux Superturbo HP Hair Dryer 2400Wis an ultra-powerful ion generator hair dryer that dries quickly (2100-2400w), eliminates static electricity and quickly closes cuticles. Keep your hair supple, silky and shiny with this professional hair dryer ! The ionic technology gives an extra dimension to the drying and styling of the hair.

Price €78.79 Regular price €92.69

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