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Syntonics - Botanical Foam Wrap Soufflé
For light and long-lasting hold, this mousse is a hands-down favorite due to the incredible body, remarkable bounce and luxurious shine it adds to hair – perfect for wrap, weave and roller styles.  Formulated not just for hold but with the health of the scalp and hair in mind, our alcohol-free and artificial-color-free botanical formula leverages the power of Calendula and Green Tea to moisturize and repair dry scalp and hair.  Syntonics Botanical Foam Wrap Soufflé will not flake or leave a waxy film on hair.  It will, however, hold hair softly and leave it silky and shiny smooth.
Syntonics - Botanical Conditioning Creme Relaxer 1 application
Syntonics Botanical Conditioning Creme RelaxerYou deserve this : A relaxer that gives hair a magnificently smooth, silken texture and leaves the scalp feeling terrific.  Our precise, scientifically balanced sodium hydroxide formula includes the conditioners and botanicals that the hair and scalp need, with no artificial colors or parabens.
Syntonics - Pack of 6 Relaxers Botanical Conditioning Creme
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Pack of 6 Relaxers Botanical Conditioning Creme Relaxer Syntonics. Yes, you can straighten hair comfortably, without over-drying ! Our exclusive formula uses a unique and powerful blend of rich botanical emollients to condition the scalp and moisturize each strand of hair during straightening.
Syntonics - Botanical Rejuvenating Conditioner - 32fl.oz
Syntonics Botanical Rejuvenating Conditioner

The second step of our Relaxer System, this moisturizing herbal conditioner gets to work immediately following the relaxer, to restore your hair to its proper pH balance and to soothe, cool and promote healing of the scalp.