List of products by brand Aunt jackie's

Aunt Jackie's - Curl Boss
Aunt Jackie's Curl Boss is a styling jelly based on Coconut oil which allows to define curls without cardboard effect and without frizz.  Aunt Jackie's Curl Boss is the perfect finishing touch for perfectly defined and shiny curls !
Aunt Jackie's - Don't Shrink
Aunt Jackie's Don't Shrink is a gel that relaxes the curls to show their full length ! Virgin Olive oil, Shea butter and Flax seed oil combine for lengthened, nourished and hydrated curls.  This gel leaves no sticky feeling and no frozen or cardboard appearance.  The curls are shiny and light with a definition that lasts a long time !
Aunt Jackie's - Seal It Up
Seal It Up is a moisturizing butter that helps retain moisture in the hair by forming a protective layer.  Formulated with Castor Oil, Honey and Linseed Oil, Aunt Jackie's Seal It Up makes dry, fragile hair stronger, visibly hydrated.  For an optimal effect, this product is to be used particularly on split ends and brittle.
Aunt Jackie's - Purify Me
Your hair will thank you for Aunt Jackie’s new sulfate-free co-wash cleanser.  This rich, creamy, triple-action remedy replenishes moisture, softens, and thoroughly removes build up and impurities.
Aunt Jackie's - Fix My Hair
Fix My Hair is an intensive repair mask for brittle, dry and damaged hair.  Mango and shea butters combined with Coconut and Avocado oil provide complete nutrition to your hair to strengthen and give it vigor.  Fix My Hair, the essential for weakened hair !