Lightening lotion

Skin Light Lotion anti spot 125ml
Skin Light Lotion is an anti-spot lightening cleanser that has been developed to unify, treat dark spots and soften the skin.  Used daily in the morning and evening, the Skin Light lotion provides a uniform complexion and helps eliminate ugly black spots and pimples. Restores radiance and unifies the complexion.
UNT Ex White Nettoyant
Ex White Nettoyant UNT Advanced Melalift Brightening CleanserA cleanser formulated with brightening ingredients Formulated with advanced radiance formula Contain Amino Acids to retain moisture Leave skin feeling purify and smooth Gently yet thoroughly cleanse and refine your skin
Makari PURIFYING & CLEANSING TONER Makari's best toner for oily skin is a dual-action face cleanser and toner that purifies skin by controlling excessive sebum production while helping to minimize the appearance of pores.  It helps prevent future breakouts and leaves skin even toned, radiant and refreshed to absorb deep-penetrating benefits of caring botanical formulations.