Makari PURIFYING & CLEANSING TONER Makari's best toner for oily skin is a dual-action face cleanser and toner that purifies skin by controlling excessive sebum production while helping to minimize the appearance of pores.  It helps prevent future breakouts and leaves skin even toned, radiant and refreshed to absorb deep-penetrating benefits of caring botanical formulations.
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Makari PIMPLE DRYING TREATMENT This Makari fast acting pimple drying lotion formulated with salicylic acid, calamine and other acne ingredients, shrinks whiteheads and acne overnight without irritating skin.
UNT Acne Clear
Acné Clear Spot treatment UNT Instant Acne Spot Treatment Effectively clear out acne and blemishes.  Immediate calming effect for redness.  Inhibit and lighten scars.  Normalize renew cycle and prevent future acne.  Free of oil, alcohol, fragrance, artificial colors.  Effectively Fight Acne and Blemishes.  Accelerate Healing Cycle.
UNT Acne Med Sérum
UNT Med Sérum anti-acné  Advanced Action Acne Serum Mild formula will not dry to irritate skin Fight redness and infection that come with acne Effectively improves problems of acne Repair and lighten scarring Purify, soothe, protect the skin with one easy step
UNT Acne Control
Acné control UNT,  sebum control Sebum Normalizing Anti-Blemish Toner.  Reduces oily shine. Prevents future blackheads and breakouts. Smoothes complexion with invisible pores.  Infused with bio-compounds AC.NET & Sebosoft®.  Free of mineral oils, alcohol, fragrance, Parabens
UNT Pore Minissima oil Control Serum
Pore Minissima Oil Control serum from UNT Pore Minissima Oil Control is an anti-shine serum that allows you to control the sebum produced by the face day and night.  Applied in primer the day, it guarantees a long-lasting matte makeup.  At night, it acts in perfect regulating treatment of sebum. Suitable for oily, acne and sensitive skin.
UNT Ex White Laserwave
Anti-Pigment Skin Renewal Serum UNT An oil-free renewing serum that purifies the skin and removes dark pigments.  Sheer and pure for fast absorption. Treat dull complexion to a flawless radiance.  Excellent care for sensitive, oily or acne skins.  Restocked with new packaging and completely same formula. Two kinds of packaging will be randomly shipped during this period.