Affirm MoisturRight

Affirm MoisturRight StyleRight is a range of the brand Avlon Cosmectics.  Formulated with rich natural ingredients, no sulphates, no mineral oils or parabens, Affirm MoisturRight allows to nourish the hair fiber from the inside and repairs dry and brittle hair, gives elasticity, activates the growth, strengthens and gives manageability, flexibility and hair shine.

Affirm MoisturRight Nourishing conditioner

Affirm Moisturight Nourish Conditioner A rich, luxurious treatment for dry, damaged hair that moisturizes and nourished every hair strand from inside out.
Price €15.28

Affirm MoisturRight Hair Repair Masque

Affirm Moisturight Hair Repair Masque Contains technologically advanced restorative properties that repairs dry, damaged, and brittle hair caused by thermal, chemical, mechanical and environmental stresses.
Price €18.28

Affirm MoisturRight Leave-in Detangler

Affirm MoisturRight Leave-in Detangler  Lightweight detangling spray that instantly moisturizes the hair so it becomes tangle-free and smooth.
Price €13.28