Hair lotions

Kérastase Discipline Keratine Thermique
Kérastase Discipline Keratine Thermique  Kératine Thermique is a taming heat-protecting blowdry milk for unruly hair in need of discipline. The thermo-protective agents in this milk sceal the scales of the hair fiber protecting it from the blowdrier and heat styling tools up to 180°C. 
As I Am Moisture Milk
As I Am Moisture Milk Daily Hair Revitalizer Drink Up, Thirsty Hair! Look Alive, Dry Coils ! Ah, Moisture ! Essential for making natural coils and curls spring into beautiful ! When your hair craves added hydration, nourish your hair with a daily serving of Moisture Milk.  It's loaded with some of nature's best emollients to make your hair smile.
As I Am So Much Moisture
As I Am So Much Moisture  Hydrating Lotion.  A modern customized glycerin-infused moisturizer for severely dehydrated hair.  Natural textured hair is beautiful hair, but it also tends to lack moisture.  When hair is dehydrated, it looks dull, feels rough, is difficult to style and resists efforts to define the coil pattern.