Secrets Des Fée

The Secrets des Fees brand (Fairy Secrets) is the brainchild of two engineers and a formulator in cosmetics.

Secrets des Fées offers a line of organic cosmetic care, a full range of masks, scrub, peel-off, thought for women today.  Easy to use, BIO Secrets des Fées treatments are prepared in just 30 seconds for a real sensation of immediate and beneficial natural well-being.

Secrets des Fées Exfoliating Grains Fairy Secrets for the Shower
Exfoliating Grains Fairy Secrets for the Shower care for the body, it promotes the elimination of dead cells, smoothes, softens and gives radiance to the skin.  Enriched with Aloe Vera and Baobab pulp, Exfoliating Grains Secrets des Fées intensely hydrates the skin, the gum gently and facilitates cell renewal.  Thanks to the rice powder, the skin is hydrated and regains softness and radiance.
Secrets des Fées Reshaping Mud
Reshaping Mud The Fairies have concocted this magic mud to beautify your figure ! The seaweed extract Laminaria Digitata fights against fatty deposits and tones your skin while spirulina gives it firmness, elasticity and suppleness.  With a magic wand, your skin is smooth and radiant ! 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin 32% of which are from organic farming