Tanin Smoothing

The tannin smoothing is a Brazilian smoothing without formaldehyde without carbocysteine, without cysteine without relaxing agent, nor derivatives.  Formulated with keratin, smoothing with tannin or taninoplasty or tanino therapy can smooth and moisturize the hair in depth.  Tannin smoothing, unlike other smoothing techniques, does not cause discomfort, tingling or allergic reactions.

Lyscia DNA System 32oz kit
Lyscia DNA System is a Brazilian smoothing care with Tannin and vegetal DNA.  It concentrates the largest number of actives to smooth up to 100% (even frizzy hair), repair, intensely nourish the hair, from root to tip.  Its exceptional formula based on DNA, Seriliss, fortifying ceramides and precious oils revitalises, strengthens, smooths and softens the hair fiber.