Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil
Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil Is pollution and constant use of hair products making your hair dull ? You need Dabur Amla Hair Oil.  It strengthens your hair from within, encourages fresh growth and controls pre-mature greying.  Dabur Amla Hair Oil nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair strands, from root to tip, to give you thick, long & shiny tresses.
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IMPERITY Mi Organic Dollo Di Bamboo Mask
IMPERITY Mi Organic Dollo Di Bamboo Mask Grâce à sa compisition, il est adapté à tous types de cheveux. Riche en protéines et aminoacides. Grâce à son effet revitalisant et reconstructeur, le bambou hydrate les cheveux en profondeur et reconstruit leur structure. Les cheveux retrouvent leur souplesse. Les cheveux fatigués seront renforcés et plus volumineux.
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Shea Moisture Fond de teint sérum couleur Expresso
Le fond de teint Shea Moisture réveille le teint et sublime l'éclat de la peau grâce à sa formule enrichie en beurre de karité et en antioxydants. Sa texture fraîche et légère se fond immédiatement à la peau pour une unification sans sur-épaisseur ni démarcations. Les imperfections sont gommées, l'éclat de la peau est boosté. Formule hypoallergénique, non grasse, non comédogène.
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Fashion Fair Perfect Finish
Fashion Fair  Perfect Finish Cream Makeup Foundation This streak-proof, sweat-resistant cream provides natural-looking, adjustable coverage that lasts for hours.  Silky texture minimizes the appearance of blemishes and fine lines for a beautiful finish.  Nourishing cream formula leaves skin with a luminous finish.  Get a flawless medium to full application that lasts for hours.
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Fashion Fair True Finish Mineral Fine
Mineral Fine True Finish Mineral Fine Liquid Foundation Is a sweet, non-greasy formula without paraben and without perfume. Fluid and luminous foundation based on Mineral Redefining, True Finish features Harmonie HUE technology.  This advanced technology enriched with malachite (a semi-precious mineral rich in antioxidants) helps moisturize, and fight against dryness and aging of the skin. Immediate smooth effect, the Fashion Fair's mineral redefining Bottom adapts to your complexion, harmonizes the complexion and texture of your complexion. t contains natural sunscreen for sun protection.  With Fashion Fair's True Finish Refining Fineral Foundation, go for a perfect, natural and luminous complexion.
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Oro Therapy 24K Shampoo
Oro Therapy 24K Shampoo Strengthen your hair with Fanola's Oro Therapy enriching shampoo.  Formulated with Argan oil and Keratin, ingredients that actively rebuild, nourish, hydrate and strengthen hair, while protecting the layers from the harmful UV rays of styling tools and the unpardonable sun.  Oro Therapy 24K Keratin Shampoo also contains Micro-Active Gold and Sweet Cyperus Oil.  It gently cleans the hair during washings and gives light, soft and superbly illuminated wicks !
Château Rouge Crème Prestige
Crème Prestige by Château Rouge  This Chateau Rouge cream allows a clarifying action and unifying dye thanks to its clearing up credits of vegetable and marine origin that take part in the reduction of the pigmentary spots and unify the skin. Its soft and smooth texture leaves a veil delicately scented on the skin.  The spots are blurred, the complexion is unified, hydrated and luminous.
Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Alcohol-free Gel
Carol's Daughter Hair Milk alcohol free Gel  Your perfect style should simply, stay put ! Take control of every curl, coil, kink and wave with this high-hold gel that keeps styles touchably soft and instantly locked in place.  This gel is alcohol-free and super-hydrating, so no matter your hair texture, it stays defined and full of shine without any dusty, flaky residue.
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Carol's Daughter TUI Hydrating Conditioner
Carol's Daughter Tui Hydrating Conditioner is a moisturizing conditioner specifically formulated to prolong the shine of colored hair and prevent fading of the hue.  The mixture of Shea butter, Calendula extract and Biotin strengthens and softens the hair.  It is light enough for everyday use and is also perfect as a co-wash (wash the hair with a conditioner only). 
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Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Styling Pudding
Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Styling Pudding The perfect hold - touchable, flake-free and full of shine - to define and shape curls, coils, kinks and waves.  Guar Gum holds curls in place and tames frizz and Avocado Oil leaves hair softer and stronger than before.  Agave Nectar keeps moisture locked in for better definition and frizz control.
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MS. SOHO Lip Plump -
MS. SOHO - Lip Plump MS. SOHO’s  Collagen Cleanse : Lip Plump  is a three day treatment that includes three lip masks, each of which are made from 24 carat gold and dripping in collagen. When worn on the lips, you will feel the tingle of the collagen being soaked in, helping to soften and refresh your lips to leave them full, luscious and plump.
MS. SOHO Eye Brightener -
Eye Brightener  MS.SOHO’s  Collagen Cleanse : Eye Brightener  is a three day treatment that three eye masks, each of which are made from 24 carat gold and dripping in collagen.  When worn, the collagen soaks into the under eye area, helping to visibly tighten and brighten the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.