Chateau Rouge

Château Rouge

Château Rouge products are lightening treatments with unparalleled effectiveness on the attenuation of pigment spots, the unification of the complexion and the shine of black and mixed skin.  Château Rouge is a wide range of lightening, exfoliating and exfoliating products. Assets of plant and marine origin are associated according to their properties to finally offer black skin, matte and mixed a complete range of adapted beauty treatments.
Chateau Rouge Crème Prestige
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Château Rouge Crème Prestige

Crème Prestige by Château Rouge  This Chateau Rouge cream allows a clarifying action and unifying dye thanks to its clearing up credits of vegetable and marine origin that take part in the reduction of the pigmentary spots and unify the skin. Its...
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Château Rouge Fluide Matifiant
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Château Rouge Matifying Unifying Fluid

Matifiant Fluid unifying Chateau Rouge   To hydrate, unify and control the excess of sebum for a less fatty and clearer skin day afternday.  Matifies, brings comfort and glare to the skin. Its clearing up actives of vegetable and marine origin...
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Château Rouge Gommage Corporel Illuminant
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Château Rouge Body Illuminating Scrubbing

Chateau Rouge Scrubbing Illuminating Bodyenriched with shea butter and formulated with walnut hulls of shea tree to support the elimination of the died cells, this scrubbing helps you to exfoliate your skin and a feeling of exceptional softness...
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