The range of brown stain care Biolissime offers care adapted to all skin types, for daily use guaranteeing safety and performance. Its unifying and anti-stain care line is specially formulated to regulate pigmentation, even out skin tone and protect the skin from hyperpigmentation.

The formulas are designed to standardize uneven shades of the face and body, but also to increase the defense mechanisms of the skin against UVA and UVB rays.

Biolissime Anti Spot serum
Biolissime Anti-Spot Serum is a formula specially formulated to help reduce the appearance and intensity of age spots and hyper pigmentation defects.  It improves the appearance of dull skin with a non-uniform complexion by providing light.  It contains a unique synergy of anti-stain active ingredients to lighten without stripping and even skin tone.  Biolissime Anti-Spot Serum reveals a more radiant, even complexion and minimizes the risk of recurrence of pigment spots (subject to regular and continuous use).
Biolissime SOS Teint Parfait
 Biolissime SOS Teint Parfait est un soin à base d'extrait de Bakuchiol, un puissant actif correcteur d'origine naturelle qui atténue les boutons et procure une peau nette dès la première application. L'huile essentielle d'arbre à Thé, l'acide salicylique et lactique, matifient et rééquilibrent la sécrétion de sébum L'huile essentielle de Lavande et la vitamine A ont un pouvoir apaisant.
Biolissime Matifying Fluid Complexion
Biolissime Mattifying Fluid Matifying Complexion improves the uniformity of the complexion, refines the texture of the skin and regulates the excess of sebum.  Its unique formula with universal color eliminates the dull veil of tired skin.  Enriched with extracts of Strawberry leaves, Abyssinian oil, it protects the skin by forming the protective lipid film.  Result : your dull complexion becomes unified, uniform and radiant. 
Biolissime Unifying Smooth Milk
Biolissime Unifying Smooth Milk is a whitening care; it unifies, nourishes and tones the body. Formulated with Alpha-Arbutin and Synovea HR®, it provides antioxidant protection for bright, glowing, spotless skin. The vegetable oils of Sweet Almond and Macadamia combined with Shea Butter give optimal hydration of the epidermis, while Ginger extract gives tonicity and vitality. Anti-stain, Biolissime Unifying Smooth Milk prevents the appearance of stretch marks while delicately perfuming the body.
Biolissime Solar Fluid SPF +50
Biolissime Solar Fluid SPF +50 Specially formulated for combination to oily skin, the SPF +50 Biolissime Sun Fluid with a light texture provides high sun protection thanks to the synergy of several organic UVA / UVB filters.  Thanks to its unique complex enriched with vitamin E, it hydrates and mattifies the skin while protecting it from UV rays.  Waterproof.