Argan Smooth

Argan Smooth

is a care for Silk Press.  It can be smoothed without the use of chemicals and without damaging your hair.  Natural oils, butters, butter, moisturizers, conditioners and heat protectors soften the hair and make brushing or ironing easier!

To find your initial texture, simply shampoo.  It's that simple ! Argan Smooth allows you to perfectly master the versatility of styling. Ideal for wearing beautiful heat-styled hair, use it when you want to temporarily transform your curls into a smooth style.

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Argan Smooth Epic Moisture Shampoo

Argan Smooth Epic Moisture Shampoo This SULFATE-FREE formula treats your hair to luxurious lather and softening, while cleansing without stripping away natural oils.  If you have chronically dry hair, this softening shampoo can help restore and...
Price €7.59

Argan Smooth Corrective Leave-In Conditioner

Argan Smooth Corrective Leave-In Conditioner Infuse hair with vital moisture, with Argan Oil, while nutrients and keratin and wheat proteins help to detangle, reverse, correct, and prevent signs of damage, thinning, brittleness and dryness. Ideal...
Price €7.59

Argan Smooth Strengthening Miracle Hair Masque

Argan Smooth  Strengthening Miracle Hair Masque Intensive conditioning treatment helps strengthen, repair & smooth damaged, stressed cuticles. Formulated with penetrating moisturizers and conditioners that soften and shine, this restorative...
Price €8.25

Argan Smooth kit silk press

Argan Smooth  kit silk press The Argan Smooth Silk Press kit makes DAMAGE-FREE heat styling possible. THIS IS NOT A CHEMICAL SYSTEM. Natural oils, butters, moisturizes, conditioners and heat protectors take hair to a super-softened state, making...
Price €20.98